Daily Water Needs for The Body

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Daily needs of fluid (water) for any person could be differ, it's depend on body condition, age, gender, temperature, weight, type of food that consumed and type of the activities.
For example, people who do a lot of physical activities like sports will be different needs for fluid (water) compared with people who work in the office. Old people who are not or less active need less fluids than adults who are still active.
That's why everyone should understand the needs of their body that suit for the body conditions. If necessary, consult with a nutritionist physician after have a general medical examination (general check-up).
In general, under normal conditions, the body needs daily fluid (water) can be calculated using this formula:

Formula 1
The needs of fluid (water) is approximately 1 milliliter for every kilocalorie of energy needs by the body. If someone needs 1800 kcal of energy, that's means the need for liquids is 1 x 1800 = 1800 milliliters or 1.8 liters of water.

Formula 2
For the first 10 kilograms body weight, takes a liter of fluid. The second 10 kilograms body weight needs 500 milliliters of liquid, and the remainder of each kilograms of body weight need 20 milliliters of liquid.
For example, if someone has a weight 50 kilograms, so the first 10 kg of the weight = 1 liters, 10 kg of the second - 500 ml, the remaining 30 (50 - 10 - 10) x 20 ml = 600 mililiters.
So, overall fluid requirement is 1000 + 500 + 600 = 2100 ml or 2.1 liters per day.

Generally fluid obtained from food (vegetables, fruits, etc.) and beverages, from food about 20 percent while the other 80 percent from beverages.
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