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2:50:00 PM konixbam

If you're a manga lover who love read manga online but tired to wait the image completly loaded because of the lack of Internet connection and eager to save it for your collection but there is a lot of page to load and then you save it, then you gonna be love this software. Introducing DomDomSoft Manga Downloader, with this software you can easily save your favorite manga with just a few click.

This software is able to identify popular manga comics provider websites and you can download the comics. With this software you can download thousand of comic book pages with ease. Simply, just select a manga provider and select the list of hundred of manga you wanna download.

After that, new window will appear which is contain a list of chapter from the list of manga you have been selected. Select any chapter you want to download (with check all button or simply check mark one by one) and then click ">>" button to move it to the download list and it's ready to download.

After selecting your disire chapters, you can determine where the file will be saved or you can leave it (by default it will be saved on C directory). Click the download button, by clicking a button with a green disket symbol. And the last you can do is wait until all of the chapter completely downloaded.
This software comes with freeware licensed (you get the demo of it), although you get the demo version, it's has the fully functional feature, except for the limitation fature and you unable to access the x rates manga provider. You can check the fully working feature here.

If you want to download it, can be found here or here.



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