Required field must not be blank Error

11:08:00 AM konixbam

Now with the new updated blogger template, any blogger user who trying to add or edit a gadget which didn't have any title may have face this problem: the gadget can't be save without a title and an error message appear "Required field must not be blank"

If you insist to keep the gadget without any title, there's a way to solve the problem by adding title to the gadget (of course you "bakayarou") but that's not the point. You need to add a title to feed the hunger of the gadget but the title didn't appear in the blog page (the goal is achieved). The question is "How we can do that -question mark-"

There is a simple solution or trick to fix the problem, by putting the HTML tag to the title of the gadget, which is the comment tag or the space.

<!-- -->


By doing that, the title didn't appear in any browser because it's the HTML tag.


Further more, if you wish to add some text to the comment tag, put it in between.

<!-- the text goes here -->

That's it, the simple solution but powerfull and good luck.



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